The Copper & White story began in 2015. Inspired by a desire for something new and contemporary, that wasn’t readily available on the High Street, I set about creating a collection that was stylish and luxurious without the expensive price tag.

Imagine the beauty of Copper; it's luxurious colour and shine. Think about how it transforms itself into a vibrant shade of green. Then imagine the purity of white with its clean lines and finishes married with the purity of natural fibres.

With every year, the collection grows stronger and more polished as I better understand my audience better and what fits their busy lifestyles. We want clothes that look effortlessly stylish, even on the busiest of days. But we also need to be comfortable, so we can focus on getting things done.

Relaxed glamour is the key to modern life styles – beautiful clothes in sumptuous fabrics with simple details which can be slipped on for an easy, effortless style. Let the clothes do the work for you.

Fashion should be fun and getting ready every day should be a joy. I've considered this with every collection, and I really hope it makes you smile. 

Enjoy the collection, and have fun!


Clare Morris x